CASP 2017 Term 1 Iganga Project


Canada Africa School Project (CASP) is our Smart Choices partner in Uganda, managed by Pastor Moses Lyagoba.  CASP has just completed its 2017 term 1 program, conducted in the Iganga district of Uganda. Pastor Moses conducts these HIV/AIDS prevention training sessions by involving all of the interested parties:

  • The School District representatives,
  • School Inspectors,
  • School Principals,
  • Church leaders,
  • Government officials (Usually the Local Member of Parliament.  

The Smart Choices program is much more than an AIDS prevention seminar, it is a Character Development program with biblical foundation.  Read what the Inspector of Schools had to say about the program at the awards ceremony on Friday, February 4, 2017. . . . 



Inspector of Schools Mr Ssekimuli awarding Certificates

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Community Grow Groups in Kitwe Zambia

Kitwe Zambia is a city of approximately 500,000. Our team, Mark Carey, Phyllis Spielmann and myself visited a compound there that is home for 44,000 to 46,000 very poor members of the population. We attended a meeting of one of the 46 “grow groups”

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Musondo Community School Report

During the second week of our 2017 mission trip, three of our team members went to Kitwe, Zambia to observe the completed 2016 building project financed by the Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church.  Read what Phyllis has to say about her Kitwe experience . . . 

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Hello From Africa -Melissa

Greetings everyone! Sorry for the late posting , but internet time is often hard to come by and there is often not a lot of time  for creating posts. Everything has gone well and rather smoothly overall. 

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2016 Year-end Summary

Dear Beacon of Hope Supporters,

 I am always amused at this time of the year when I see support letters from large non-profit organizations that need to raise a million dollars in the last few days of the year or need to reach their matching challenge total.  I always wonder how much goes towards the mission and how much goes towards wages, rent, or other unnecessary luxuries.  Your love gifts to Beacon of Hope are used in the most efficient way possible.  We have no employees, no rent and very little overhead. Ninety five cents in every dollar goes directly to the mission!    


How HIV invades the Body demonstration. 

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Student Comments Luzinga Secondary School


Image from Hebron Junior school, Uganda.


The following comments are from the Lusinga Secondary School in Kamuli, Uganda. . . . 

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Teen Girl's Testimony

Here is a testimony given to one of our team leaders by a teenage girl that attended an after school Smart Choices program. 

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Testimony from Mosi-au-Tunya (Victoria Falls)

The Smart Choices program was initiated in Zimbabwe in 2011 and Victoria Falls is one of the first places where we established a Smart Choices team. One of the larger schools in the Victoria Falls village is Mosi-au-Tunya. Mosi-Au-Tunya refers to the falls and it means "The Smoke that Thunders."


Here is a quote from one of the students from the Mosi-Au-Tunya high school at Victoria Falls Zimbabwe during our 2013 program. 

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Testimony of an Early Student

2006 Smart Choices Student

Mzingazi District, of Richards Bay, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa

A few years ago I got a friend request on g+.  This is how our conversation went. . . 

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Giving Tuesday 2017 Trip


Giving Tuesday has finally arrived. This starts off a month of year end fundraising to fund our mission for 2017.   As we look ahead to 2017, high on our priority list is our Mission Trip starting on January 13. For the first time ever, we are bringing each team leader with their spouse or a second team member to Johannesburg to a 4-day seminar. This is a total of about 32 participants. 

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