Student Comments Luzinga Secondary School


Image from Hebron Junior school, Uganda.


The following comments are from the Lusinga Secondary School in Kamuli, Uganda. . . . 

  1. "I will always love God with all my heart and mind, I love you lord, it has been interesting." (G) 16 years S.4

  2. "I promise to be an obedient and God fearing to abstain from sex from today until marriage, as God gives a second chance." (B) 18 yrs S.5

  3. "I have received real redemption to my heart and may the almighty God bless you for this gospel." (A) 17 yrs S.4.

  4. "You have really made me grow spiritually and educated me more about HIV/AIDS, what a blessing!" (M) 18 yrs S.6.

  5. "I have nothing much but I think I have ability to change and become a better person in life, come back again." (E) 16 yrs.

  6. "I promise to abstain from sex due to Smart Choices, I have shared with you today in my life style and prayed together." (N) 16 yrs S.5

  7. "You have not bored us but I beg that next time come back but meet us without teachers for our personal issues." (J) 18 yrs S.6.

  8. "Is it practical to grow without lovers just as the Dr. in the video? I have learnt of self-control and life dreams today. Thanks a lot." (N) 16 yrs S.4

  9. "So interesting please come back next term, I love the ABC and the origin as UGANDA AND IN THE Church of Uganda but even our teachers didn’t know. "(H) 18 yrs S.5

  10. It was educative and I request you guys to come back again and teach us more about the life challenges like HIV. (M) 17 yrs S.6.  

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