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Beacon of Hope 2024 Mission Trip Information Meeting:

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Click this link and complete the Short-Term Team Member Application form online.
Click to view the Short-Term Mission Trip Member Covenant, down load it, sign it if you agree with the terms, and email it back to me. 
Download the Trip Support Letter.  Use as is or customize it to suite your own purposes and mail it out to everyone on your mailing list.  You might be surprised about who will mail back a donation.  To make it easier for your donors, you might consider including an envelope addressed to Beacon of Hope and use the mailing address on the second page of the support letter. 
Planned Trip Dates and Cost:
One Week Option: August 15, 2024 to September 1, 2024. Cost est.:$3,200
Two Week Option: August 15, 2024 to September 1, 2024. Cost est.:$4,400
Optional third Vacation week: September 1, 2024 to September 6, 2024 Additional Cost $2,200-$2,600 depending on participation 
These prices are all inclusive except for visas, vaccinations, snacks between meals, in transit meals and personal spending money.
Planned Activities
First Week
The first week will consist of 9 days in Zimbabwe with time split between Bulawayo and Victoria Falls.
The time in Bulawayo, 3 days will mainly consist of observing the Micro Enterprise businesses that are being run by:
Micro-Enterprise Business Observation
  1. Jeff and Tammy Scorziell Coffee distribution, Beef, Pigs, and Chickens/eggs.
  2. Abraham and Annah Mabhena (Fisheries business) First season harvest will start in March 2024. Then phase two will begin with a second population of fish in the first pond and the construction of a second pond.
  3. Vu and Marvelous Lusinga (Chicken Queens Poultry Farm) Expansion plan initiated last week with the purchase of 500 female chicks that will replace the current 140 laying hens.

Ministry activities

  1. Church at the Bulawayo Baptist Church. Sunday Aug 18th
  2. Kids outreach Jeff and Tammy Scorziell on Monday Aug19th.
  3. Participate in youth camp for orphans with Abraham in Bulawayo. Tuesday Aug 20-21.
The time in Victoria Falls will consist of :
  1. R&R to visit the Hwange Game Reserve and the Victoria Falls, two days Thursday & Friday August 22-23
  2. Smart Choices AIDS prevention program with school kids in Victoria Falls, Saturday August 24.
  3. Church on Sunday August 25.
  4. Optional Prison Ministry outreach at Hwange or Binga Prison Saturday & Sunday August 24-25
Second week 
  We will be in Uganda, doing a VBS program for the kids at the Idudi Primary School where the kids live that are in our Child sponsorship program.  This is a project that was started following our 2023 mission trip.  We have undertaken to find sponsors for 96 orphans and severely deprived children to ensure that they are able to complete their K-12 education.  We already have sponsors for 51 of the 96 eligible kids and hope to have them all sponsored before the 2024 mission trip.       IMG_9153Cropped.JPEG.jpgIdudi School Kids

Optional Third Vacation Week ( Safari and Sightseeing)

For those that are interested in taking an extra week to do some sightseeing in South Africa, we will have my nephew plan a custom vacation to include the sights and venues that the participants would like to see.  It takes four participants to make the expense reasonable. Six participants would be better.

What to Do - Potential Participant action plan. 
Anyone who is even mildly interested in participating on this trip should:

  1. Pray about your participation, for confirmation from God and friends, that this is something you should do.
  2. Notify Beacon of Hope of your interest by text, phone, email or in person. (949-795-0042 or [email protected])
  3. Immediately start compiling a list of every person you know, friends, family, acquaintances, church family, co-workers, neighbors, to send fundraising letters to.
  4. There is a sample fundraising template letter, which you can use as is or customize it to suit your own situation.
  5. If you think that you would love to go on a trip like this but you can't afford it, immediately stop what you are doing and pray, because this is most likely Satan trying to discourage you from participating in God's calling on you.  This is a decision that needs to be made at a level above your pay grade.  Turn it over to God.  Your bank account might be empty but God owns the cattle on a thousand hills.

Further Preparation

Starting in April we will announce a training plan to prepare us for our August departure date.  At the very least we will have a  2-3 hour training session each month.  In addition there will be some work sessions to prepare the material needed for the three-day VBS program in Uganda.  In January I met with a missionary couple from Prescott, Arizona, who have done extended mission trips in South America and also in Africa.  They have developed a curriculum that they use for evangelism which promotes a conversational, non-confrontational way to introduce people to the Gospel of Jesus.  It is called You Share Jesus.  Their training workshops typically take eight hours  This will either be a one whole day session +/- 8 hours or split over Saturday and Sunday.  There is also an online self study option for anyone who is unable to put in the concentrated effort over a weekend. 

Pre-Trip Training

1. History and Religions of Southern & East African Countries. (Optional Self study)

2. Culture Shock.

3. Cross Cultural Training

4. Preparing a Personal Testimony

5. Evangelism - 4 Spiritual Laws or You Share Jesus or Other

6. Smart Choices

If you have the slightest interest in coming on the trip with us please make every effort to attend the information meeting on March 17th, either in person or by Zoom.  Spread the information around to friends, church family and your own kids or grandkids.

If you have any questions, email [email protected] or Text or call 949-795-0042 (Glynn)


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