Bringing hope and the love of Jesus to the African youth by educating, discipling, and assisting their communities in becoming self-sustainable. 

Teaching at-risk children how:

  • HIV is transmitted
  • To care for those who have contracted it
  • To make Smart Choices in life to avoid contracting and transmitting it themselves

Promoting Judeo-Christian values with the Smart Choices program

  • Abstinence before marriage
  • Faithfulness to one partner in marriage 


  • Established as 501(c)(3) in 2007
  • Operating in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Uganda*
  • Completed training of 206,000 students*
  • Focused on equipping local leadership and financial accountability

*As of December 2019



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    Moses Farm Project

    VISION To upgrade livelihood in the communities through provision of high-quality breeds of goats for rearing to improve their diets, incomes and livelihoods in general and also support the sustainability strategy of the CASP on-going projects in Uganda. MISSION To stimulate wealth creation and diet improvements by provision of high-quality goat breeds to communities for rearing and also penetrate the gov’t aided pilot projects on animal husbandry in Uganda after a full establishment in the three years  
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    Thanksgiving 2021

    We give thanks to God for leading us into this ministry in 2004, for directing us to the associations with our African partners, and for connecting us with our faithful donors.  We are eternally thankful to the donors who through prayers and gifts have made it possible for our teams to impact more than two hundred thousand lives (200,000+). Our partners train the youth to make smart choices in their lives, protecting themselves from HIV AIDS infection, they lead the youth in Christian discipleship, some care for orphans, and in the past two years have engaged in community feeding programs. Our Ugandan Partner has also engaged in training two hundred and ten (210) pastors since 2018.
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