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International Preservation Ministry

Naura Doreen is one of the original team of six people that we trained in Uganda as presenters of our Smart Choices AIDS prevention program.  She has since moved on to establish her own Ministry called International Preservation Ministry, operating out of Iganga, Uganda.  Naura’s primary ministry is caring for about forty street kids, providing shelter, food, clothing, and spiritual guidance.  There are dozens more kids that still live with family in the villages that are malnourished, and some have special medical needs, that she tries to help with as her resources allow.

From the message thread below, you can see the other ministry activities that she is involved in.

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I was asked to follow up with Naura regarding her ministry activities besides caring for 40 abandoned street kids. 

Here is the thread of my conversation with Naura:

Bianca was asking me on Saturday about your discipleship activities that you are involved in. What activities do you do with the street children that you care for, to lead them to Jesus? What other youth or discipleship activities are you involved in?

Bible study, Bible quiz, Scripture memorization, Consistent meetings for Prayer and fasting, Faith building Group, gathering for Praise and worship Meeting in local churches, as we encourage youth to serve God

How much of this is with the orphans and how much is in the community?

With orphans we:
Read the word of God together.
Serve others together.
Pray together as a family.
We teach children good values.
We go to church together We tell them good news about Christ.


Activities with the Street Kids that Naura cares for.

In the community. We do door to door preaching, prison preaching, and youth conferences Crusades.

IPMPrisonMinistry1.jpg  IPMPrisonMinistry4.jpg

That is me preaching to women, prisons.

IPMSchoolMinistry1.jpg IPMSchoolMinistry2.jpg

I was preaching at school to lead the youths to Christ




That's me in the community preaching the Word of God

I had something to share with you too.
I also want to go back to school if God provides to me like studying at the University on weekends, so that I can get a good Job to be also using the money I will be getting to help other children.

If you go to university, where will you go? What will you study? How long will you go for and what does it cost?

I tried to apply in Makerere university, and they gave me an admission but because of finances I didn't go.
It is $1050 per semester which is 4 months and a year has two semesters when I applied, they gave me Bachelor's in Human Resource Management. It's for 3 years

Short-term Goals

Provide shelter, clothing, meals, schooling, and medical care for 40 street kids. This will take at least $800 per month

Immediate Goals

Acquire a permanent property that can house the current 40 street kids, with beds, blankets, hot daily meals, clothes, access to school and medical care, and spiritual guidance.  There are also 150-160 malnourished children with special medical needs living in the villages that she helps with supplemental food and clothing when funds allow. A rough estimate for this plan would be an initial investment of 10,000 - $20,000 plus $1,600 per month.

Long-term Goals

Build or acquire premises that would allow for a hospital/boarding house facility to be able to provide accommodation and medical treatment and schooling for all these 200+ kids in dire need.  The cost of such a project has not been estimated but would probably take hundreds of thousands initially and tens of thousands monthly to sustain it.

Acquire a university education to enable her to better provide for her future and for the needs of the kids described above. This would cost $6300.

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