Testimony of an Early Student

2006 Smart Choices Student

Mzingazi District, of Richards Bay, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa

A few years ago I got a friend request on g+.  This is how our conversation went. . . 



Hi Danilla, I have added you to my circle of friends on g+. Were you at Manqamu High School when we taught Smart Choices there in 2006? If you were then write and tell me about your experience with Smart Choices and how it has impacted your life. God Bless you. 
Glynn Smith

Hi Mr. Smith. Yes I was there at a time but I was very young. ..Some of the things that we learn in life as children they are like a seed planted and left to grow....I always listen to you guys back then and I took what you taught us and it making an Impact now where I have to make my decisions of my life. ....I just want to thank you guys a lot and may God bless you.

It turns out that Danilla graduated from high school and is now a member of a church that was recently built at an orphan home that we helped to build in 2006-2007. Danilla does the administrative work for the church and he updates the orphans' progress reports for me twice a year.  



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