Moses Farm Project


To upgrade livelihood in the communities through provision of high-quality breeds of goats for rearing to improve their diets, incomes and livelihoods in general and also support the sustainability strategy of the CASP on-going projects in Uganda.


To stimulate wealth creation and diet improvements by provision of high-quality goat breeds to communities for rearing and also penetrate the gov’t aided pilot projects on animal husbandry in Uganda after a full establishment in the three years

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The goal for 2021 was to acquire land, fence the property, build a protective shed to the goats to sleep in overnight to prevent losing stock to theft of wild animals.  Next goal was to stock the projects with twelve breeding ewes and one ram.

There are two goals not completely met so far:

  1. There are currently only seven breeding ewes, a shortfall of five ewesCost to provide this shortfall is $569.
  2. The protective structure still needs 12 sheets of corrugated iron for the roof.  Cost of roofing $100.

The breed of goat being used typically breed twice a year and can have up to three kids at a time.  Assuming an average of two kids per breeding cycle, it is possible to have produced one hundred and forty-four kids in a three-year breeding period. The plan is to build the herd up to as many as are breed in three years and then to distribute them to three geographic areas thus establishing three breeding farms. 

GoatFarmEwes.jpg  Goat_Farm_Paddock2.jpg

Beneficiary families will be sought out in each target are focusing those that are most needy.  Preference will be given to widows, single mothers, the elderly, and disabled.  Each qualified family will be trained in how to care for the goats. They will be helped to build the necessary structure to protect the goats, a paddock and a shed.  They will then be given a pair of goats to start breeding their own herd.  The only payment that will be required of them is at the end of the first year, they will be required to return one of the kids born in the first year. 

There will be some government intervention from a wealth creation initiative fund.

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