CASP 2017 Term 1 Iganga Project


Canada Africa School Project (CASP) is our Smart Choices partner in Uganda, managed by Pastor Moses Lyagoba.  CASP has just completed its 2017 term 1 program, conducted in the Iganga district of Uganda. Pastor Moses conducts these HIV/AIDS prevention training sessions by involving all of the interested parties:

  • The School District representatives,
  • School Inspectors,
  • School Principals,
  • Church leaders,
  • Government officials (Usually the Local Member of Parliament.  

The Smart Choices program is much more than an AIDS prevention seminar, it is a Character Development program with biblical foundation.  Read what the Inspector of Schools had to say about the program at the awards ceremony on Friday, February 4, 2017. . . . 



Inspector of Schools Mr Ssekimuli awarding Certificates

The Report submitted by Pastor Moses Lyagoba.

I am so humbled to register our conclusion of term one Smart Choices field work training in lganga which closed yesterday with a wrap up ceremony which was officiated by the District inspector of schools Mr. Ssekimuli at NakalamaPrimary School .  This is usually a ceremony where we do evaluation of the field program with the principals of the host schools , coordinating teachers , students representatives and the District authority. Here we do recognize the excellent schools and persons in the Smart Choices by awarding certificates and gifts .

Communication from the chief guest , the inspector of schools Mr. Ssekimuli , he thanked CASP (Our Uganda Partners) team for the compassionate heart to serve in such a vital program and also acknowledged the CASP partners Beaco of Hope (BOHI) for the spirit of love shared with Uganda through the program and the resources.  Such a gesture isn't a common one and so not taken for granted . The inspector defined the three (H's ):

  • Head - Acquisition of knowledge
  • Hands - Getting skills & implementation
  • Heart - Manifestation of how one does things .

He emphasized accepting learning situations especially HIV/AIDS and also other life skills. He said it is not vital to be an academic Hero when you are a moral Dwarf.  He further recommended that teachers consider the integrity of all these three (H's) and instigate into younger people, so a program like this on character development is so vital to not only students but to all people given the moral decay across the generation. He emphasized, learning is Behavior change. Without behavior change, learning is considered nothing and useless. He therefore pledged full support to CASP in replicating this vital program to schools in the District and also remarked it is such a unique program that should be owned locally. He awarded gifts and certificates to the successful participants and teachers. Certificate of excellence ware awarded to Nakalama primary school and St. Alban's primary school.  Also a certificate of excellence to one Principal of all the teachers who was Mr. David Isabirye for his full participation in the Smart Choices and the value he attached to it was demonstrated by attending the entire program with students throughout.


Inspector of Schools Mr. Ssekimuli, presenting certificates


The CASP Smart Choices instructors

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