Abraham's Farm Project 2020

Towards the end of 2020 we mentioned in our information emails the goal that Beacon of Hope has, to help our team leaders to become more financially independent.  Helping Abraham Mabhena of Zimbabwe with a farm project is our next effort to achieve this.  He has acquired a 7 acre property for just $1900.  The plan is to build a building that can serve as a caretaker's accommodation and tool shed next step is to help him start developing it.  It will take $2800 to complete the building, which is already well under way. We still have $1800 to raise to complete the building.   

Can you help with a $25, $50 or $100 donation to Abraham's project? Thanks for your kind consideration.  Just click donate here to direct your gift to Abraham's building project.



Background information for Abraham and Annah:

Abraham and Annah Mabhena from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe attended our initial Smart Choices training in Zimbabwe in 2011.  By 2014 Abraham was designated the Scripture Union director for the South West region of Zimbabwe. In 2014 we trained twenty Scripture Union volunteers, to equip them to present the Smart Choices program in schools. 

Abraham is establishing a new NGO to make his ministry more independent and self-sustaining.  In the face of the hunger crisis brought on by the 2020 Corona Virus pandemic and in support of the feeding program initiated by Beacon of Hope during the COVID 19 shutdown, Abraham has initiated a market gardening project.  Fortunately, the Mabhena family has been renting a home on a property of several acres, that has a strong borehole for water with a water tank for storage.  The pictures below show the cabbage field they grew during the lockdown. 

CabbageField.jpeg Mabhenas_in_CabbageField.jpeg

Remarkable new opportunity:

In October we provided the following information about the remarkable opportunities that God provided for Abraham.  While marketing his produce and networking about the establishment of his NGO, Abraham has received three remarkable offers: 

  1. An option on a 7-acre property on the outskirts of Bulawayo for just $1900. Normal market value for a property like this would be $20,000.
  2. An offer from produce marketers to buy all the produce he can grow and also to provide some farming skills training.
  3. An offer through a church connection for a loan to establish a water supply and irrigation system. This will include drilling a well, installing a pump and storage tank and running supply lines and a drip irrigation system.  This will cost about $2800.


We initially reported that Abraham would receive Plot 4.  As it turned out he has ended up with plot 7, which is 50% larger, almost 7 acres.

Current status:

  • Some of you receiving this email helped us to raise the $1900 purchase price which has been paid.
  • The loan for the irrigation project has been applied for.  I believe that the application was successful but the funds are delayed as a result of the new COVID (second wave) restrictions.  My understanding is that these loans are being funded from an Australian source.
  • The reason for the low purchase price is because this land grant is through a local governmental agency.  Consequently there are stipulations requiring that the recipients show steady progress on the improvement of the properties.  Because the irrigation funds are delayed it is essential other progress is made.  For this reason Abraham is working on fencing the property with a barbed wire fence and has also started digging the foundations for the proposed building. 

With this in mind, it is our goal to try and raise the following funds for Abraham's project as soon as possible:

  • Property Fencing     $300
  • Building Expenses  $2500
    Total                     $2800

If you have received this email, you have made donations to Abraham in the past.  If you would like to help him take the next step on his project, please click the donate button.


The following are artistic renderings of the planned building.


The following is the architect's plans.


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