2020 Year End Letter

Taking AIDS Prevention Education to Africa
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It is with great thanks that we acknowledge God's unending benevolence to the Beacon of Hope ministry by blessing us with such great donors.  This year has been a challenge for everyone across the planet but we hope you can find something to be grateful about during this Thanksgiving season.


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Partner Independence 2020

Financial Independence for Partners:

A few of the partners that we support in Africa, to achieve AIDS Prevention and Character Development objectives, are local NGO organizations.  It has been our objective as part of this ministry to not only financially support our partners but also to try and guide and encourage them to develop their own local sources of income.  Also, to recruit their own supporters so that they are not completely dependent on Beacon of Hope for their livelihood.

Of our eight primary partners there are four already established NGOs, one in the process of registering and three are independent operators. Two of the four established NGOs are already financially independent of BOHI.

  1. BOHIKZN-NPC (Beacon of Hope Kwa Zulu Natal Non Profit Corporation) is the NGO that we helped to establish in Richards Bay where we started this ministry. We have now turned over the management of the NGO to the local team leaders and they have been successful in seeking out their own funding through various grant opportunities.  Their primary source of funds has been President GW Bush 43's PEPFAR (President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) fund.
  2. PLAEP (Partners for Life Advancement and Education Promotion) is our partner in Zambia and they were already an independently operated NGO before their association with BOHI. We have been successful in securing a partnership for PLAEP with the Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church in Los Alamitos, California for the funding of their AIDS Prevention and Character Development program and other projects at their Musonda School.
    This is a model that we would like to duplicate with some of our other partners.  So, if your church is mission minded and you consider they might be open to supporting an African mission that they would not need to manage, we would love an opportunity to speak to them about supporting one of our mission projects. 

We have a variety of projects besides the AIDS Education and Character Development that any sponsor can get support.

The following three projects will be detailed in separate blog posts and emails starting in January 2021 because they are potentially new projects for Beacon of Hope and not part of our "Financial Independence for Partners" plan: 

  • Support some two hundred children, some of which are special needs kids in Uganda.
  • Support and improve the Samaritans Community School in Kitwe, Zambia.  This could grow into a similar project to that undertaken on Musonda Community School by our current partner, PLAEP in Kitwe, Zambia.
  • Build a church building for a new church plant in Soshanguve, South Africa.


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2020 Feeding Blog

Feeding Program Justification:

Feeding Program Result Summary:

The feeding program was concentrated in the four month period of May to August while we were receiving directed donations for feeding.   It is continuing at a reduced scale, using only the Smart Choices training resources and residual, small monthly donation dedicated to feeding. We have directed over $22,000 to our teams for feeding and they purchased and distributed 20 tons of food and hygiene products. An average of 250 family units affecting about 1200 individuals per month have benefited from the program. 

   20200509_135406.jpg    IMG-20200509-WA0001.jpg

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2019 New Year Letter

Taking AIDS Prevention Education to Africa
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2018 New Year Letter

Taking AIDS Prevention Education to Africa



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Kenny's Kids


Pastor Kenny Fabamifobee Kids

Pastor Kenny and Comfort are from Nigeria and worked with Beacon of Hope, teaching the Smart Choices program for nine years.  In May 2015 we heard the shocking news that Pastor Kenny had been murdered. Read the blog, that I posted at that time.  

Pastor Kenny and Comfort have two children, Debbie who is about 12 now and Isaac is about 9.  Since Pastor Kenny's passing Comfort has had a terrible time trying to keep up with fees levied against her because she is an immigrant that has to keep her visa current.  She has even ended up in prison for a period because her documents were not in order.  

Her current situation is being in need of School fees to keep her kids in school.  What she needs to send her kids back to school in January is. $500.



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Betty Lyagoba Surgery


Pastor Moses and Betty Lyagoba, Entebbe, Uganda

Pastor Moses Lyagoba is President of CASP (Canada Africa Schools Project). CASP has been Beacon of Hope's Smart Choices partner in Uganda since the summer of 2011.  The program in Uganda has been thriving under Pastor Moses' leadership. 

A few weeks ago we had a desperate message from Moses saying that his beloved wife Betty was experiencing serious pain from her appendix and needed surgery.  The doctors were treating her with medication but said she really needed surgery. 

It is amazing first of all that it only costs $375 to get an appendectomy in Uganda.  What is more amazing is that they would not do surgery to avert a potentially life-threatening condition unless the patient would have the surgery fee.



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2018 Johannesburg Wellness Testing Project


BOHI Board Challenge

As BOHI's governing board we have been continually encouraging our team leaders to come up with innovative ways of generating their own sources of income to supplement what they are receiving from BOHI. Welcome Ndlovu, our Johannesburg team leader, is one of our most innovative, efficient,  and successful leaders. Welcome and some colleagues have been involved in part-time work doing wellness testing to supplement their income. All of our team members are volunteers and all funds that they receive from us go strictly towards the expenses of running the program and that does not include salaries.

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Jinja Baptist Seminary

Jinja Baptist Seminary Visit – June 10, 2018

Our friends and Ministry collaborators Mike and Cindy are coming to Africa for four to five months.  Mike's first assignment is going to be teaching at the Jinja Baptist Seminary for a few months.  On June 10 I visited the Seminary and spoke to Principal Anthony S and another volunteer Professor, Jim C.  It was a very picturesque, secure, and well-kept property.  There are three on property apartments for visiting professors. There are two duplexes for accommodation for four local professor’s families. They can accommodate about 100-120 students in rooms with double bunk beds with eight people in a room.  Enjoy the pictures below.

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