Abraham's Farm Project 2021

Abraham's farming project is progressing.  He is continuing to grow crops on the property that he lives on because he has an established water supply.  The development of the newly acquired property is proceeding.  In 2021 the building was completed and it is completely fenced.  The 2022 projects are:  1) Build a pond for breeding and raising fish.  2) Drill a bore hole for a water supply on the new farm property. 3) Complete the irrigation system with a submerged solar-powered pump, storage tank, piping fittings, and drip irrigation system.

Can you help with a $50 or $100, $500 donation to Abraham's project? Thanks for your kind consideration.  Just click donate here to direct your gift to Abraham's building project.

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2022 Projects requiring funding for the new property:

  1. Build a dam suitable for breeding fish. Cost of $1750
  2. Put down a borehole 50 meters deep with hole liner. Cost of $1750
  3. Equip with solar-powered pump, storage tank, piping and drip irrigation system. Cost of $3550


Farm Property Progress and Plans


Building Complete


Fencing and Gate Complete

Crops growing on Residential Property where irrigation is available.




Tomatoes, Cauliflower, Beets & Cucumber


Harvested Tomatoes

 Cauliflower  Beets

Cauliflower                                                Beets

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