Testimony from Mosi-au-Tunya (Victoria Falls)

The Smart Choices program was initiated in Zimbabwe in 2011 and Victoria Falls is one of the first places where we established a Smart Choices team. One of the larger schools in the Victoria Falls village is Mosi-au-Tunya. Mosi-Au-Tunya refers to the falls and it means "The Smoke that Thunders."


Here is a quote from one of the students from the Mosi-Au-Tunya high school at Victoria Falls Zimbabwe during our 2013 program. 

"The movie (Jesus Film) was a life-changing encounter with Jesus and I believe I won’t be the same again. The Smart Choices program has been worth attending. Thank you for going out of your way to help bring many souls to light, not only about God, but by also teaching us that whatever decision we take today will affect our future. More of these programs, I propose, should be undertaken because the youths of today are perishing because of ignorance." 


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