Giving Tuesday 2017 Goals


As giving Tuesday rapidly approaches many nonprofits wonder: Will our benefactors be able to help in this economic environment? The answer is consistent. Givers give; it is what they do. 

You are receiving this message because you have shown a tremendous commitment to Beacon of Hope's mission and I would like to ask you to consider joining our Annual Fund Campaign.  Gifts to an Annual Fund are only a 1-year commitment.  An Annual Fund Campaign is an effort to secure an annual budget early in the year from early one time gifts or monthly commitments.

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Giving Tuesday 2016 Successes

PEPFARPlaque.jpg As Beacon of Hope International prepares for this year’s Giving Tuesday Event, one of the things for which I am grateful is the loyalty and commitment of our generous benefactors to our group. Because of your support we have been able to accomplish major achievements together such as: 
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Central Busoga Diocese Youth Event

Our Smart Choices partner in Uganda, CASP (Canada Africa Schools Project) is participating a week long event being hosted by the Central Busoga Diocese.

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Beacon of Hope Major Milestone

Beacon of Hope reached a major milestone this week.  Thanks to the initiative and hard work of Janet Okoye, one of our Team Leaders in Richards Bay, South Africa, the Beacon of Hope - KZN board and teams have been awarded a grant through President Bush's PEPFAR AIDS fund. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief - PEPFAR
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2015 Year in Review

Wow! Another whole year has passed and it has been a very good and productive year for Beacon of Hope. It is our pleasure to give you, our valued supporters, an update on the great work being done by our African teams, and the new milestone we just reached this year. 

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2015 Trip Update 3

Week 2 Zimbabwe

Here we are already half way through our trip. Time flies when you are having fun. After arriving in Bulawayo on Saturday at about noon, we have packed in quite a bit of activity.

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2015 Africa Trip Update 1 from Glynn

We finally arrived in Ndola Zambia at about 6:00pm on Saturday night after about 34 hours of travel from leaving LAX.

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2015 Africa Trip Update 1 from Sue

We arrived safely on Saturday 9/12 in Ndola, Zambia after traveling (30+ hours) on Saturday night.

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Summer 15 Africa Trip

This Summer's trip is only a few days away. Our team of four is departing on September 10 and returning October 4. We will be in three African countries and have a number of objectives. Here is more information, a simple itinerary, and ways you can be praying for us. Please follow this blog to stay up to date on all our trip happenings. Thank you to all who continue to support us in so many ways.

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URGENT NEWS: Pastor Kenny Fabamifobee

On Wednesday morning this week the first email that caught my eye as I scanned through my inbox had the subject line of “tragic news.” I would rather have not received this one. The two short sentences were:

“I regret to have to bear this tragic news, but it appears that Pastor Kenny has been killed in a shooting incident at his home last night. The details are a little vague at the moment, but according to his wife it seemed to be an armed robbery.”

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