2015 Africa Trip Update 1 from Sue

We arrived safely on Saturday 9/12 in Ndola, Zambia after traveling (30+ hours) on Saturday night.

Proska Lamboke greeted is at the airport & we began our 2 hour journey to Kitwe. We were almost to Kitwe & from our car camea loud noise & smoke making the car almost stop on the spot! No worries tho because God was with us then & now. After many hours on the side of a very fast moving road we arrived at our rooms & then off to sleep.

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Sunday 9/13
Attended church at Prisca's church. No power due to power shut downs, but again as the Pastor said all is well & God is here. The Spirit of God was there tenfold. Our day was filled with a capella hymns, fellowship, great food cooked entirely on downed tree charcoal & spending time in one of the poorest areas. My heart is overflowing.


Monday 9/14
Meeting today with Prisca to share how PLAEP operates & then off to a Community School.

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Weather has been cooler in the morning, 90's in the afternoon & 60's at night. Everything is going well because God went before us to prepare our way.

Tuesday 9/15
We began our day visiting a Community school that teaches 590+ 1-7 graders in 3 rooms. They are creatively scheduled throughout the day so every student is taught. We then traveled to a Government school to assist witheSmart Choices program for 115 secondary students. They were polite & asked great questions.

Please pray for those in Zambia who are dealing with Malaria.

Wednesday 9/16
Our day began sharing Smart Choices with 107 Secondary students at Village of Hope which houses and teaches children of all ages. We then were able to meet with 20+ Moms & children in a very poor township to learn more about the Grow group. These women learn savings & life skills and work as a team to learn more about how they can support their families. My Mom-heart broke today as I listened to their daily struggles.


Please pray for the girls in this community who face sexual abuse most commonly by relatives.

Friday 9/18
We visited the Musunda Community School. Feeding program (which happens 2x week) in the morning. Most of the 600+ students only eat eat these two days.

Then we debriefed our week at Prisca's with goat, samosas, shima, chicken & salad. She fed us well.


Saturday 9/19
Flew to Zimbabwe & got settled at Jeff & Tammy's.

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