Kenny's Kids


Pastor Kenny Fabamifobee Kids

Pastor Kenny and Comfort are from Nigeria and worked with Beacon of Hope, teaching the Smart Choices program for nine years.  In May 2015 we heard the shocking news that Pastor Kenny had been murdered. Read the blog, that I posted at that time.  

Pastor Kenny and Comfort have two children, Debbie who is about 12 now and Isaac is about 9.  Since Pastor Kenny's passing Comfort has had a terrible time trying to keep up with fees levied against her because she is an immigrant that has to keep her visa current.  She has even ended up in prison for a period because her documents were not in order.  

Her current situation is being in need of School fees to keep her kids in school.  What she needs to send her kids back to school in January is. $500.



Some Extracts from text messages:

Isaac my boy represent his school in Olympics grade 4 NS.

Dec Isaac also won 2 Award from the school, but both schools a demanding school fees or they hand me over to the attorney.

The school fees due in January so the kids can start the new school year are $250 each.

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