2023 Mission Trip Report

Images and Videos from South Africa and UgandaThe Beacon of Hope 2023 mission trip is now 4 weeks behind us. 

We are delighted to report that by all accounts this was probably the most impactful mission trip we have held.

The 30,000 foot summary of the trip is that the final count of American participants on the trip was eighteen people from California and Arizona.  We also had two American partners who are  resident in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Jeff & Tammy Scorziell, and seventeen of our African partners from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Uganda. 

A week before leaving for the trip our church recorded a video of me talking about how Beacon of Hope came into being and about the upcoming mission trip.

In the first week we held a four-day conference hosted by the Teach Every Nation Center (TEN).  TEN promote their Bible School on Wheels program from this campus and invited us to hold our event their. 
Teach Every Nation is a ministry of Dr. Bruce Wilkinson.


Week One - The Three primary topics of conversation at our week one conference were:

  1. Bible School on Wheels pastor training program. 
  2. Discipleship - The Jesus Model.
  3. Micro Enterprise Business Development.

Half Day Vision Cast Event - On the Saturday following the conference, we held another half-day conference at the Emseni Conference center near the Johannesburg Airport.  This was a Vision Cast conducted by Charity Coaches, sponsored by Emmaus Ministries in the New England States.  The Vision Cast event was for our African Partners, Smart Choices South African Partners (SCSAP)  that operate in the Johannesburg / Pretoria area. This was well attended by fifty-one in person Guests and about twenty online participants using Zoom.  There will be a later email and accompanying video coming out in a few weeks.

Week Two - The second week saw two separate parties of eight Americans in each party going to:

  1. Team 1 went to Kitwe, Zambia to interact with and observe the ministry activities of PLAEP, our Zambian Partners.  This team was primarily made up by seven participants from the Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church in Los Alamitos and Charity Coaches.  Again, information about Zambia in a later email.
  2. Team 2 went to Iganga, Uganda



Naura’s Kids International Preservation Ministry, Uganda

These are forty abandoned kids, many having special needs. Peter is the first of eleven of these kids who has hydro-encephalitis (water on the brain) who had surgery to install a shunt in his skull to drain off the excess fluid. We pray for Peter’s recovery, and we pray for resources to do the same life-giving surgery for the other eleven kids that need it.


Naura and the Kids
Everyone Got new Shoes

Donate to Naura’s kids at:www.beaconint.org/nauras_orphans

Training Pastors – Bible School on Wheels

Two hundred students will graduate from the first- and second-year Bible School on Wheels programs.  This is a program created by Pastor and Author Bruce Wilkinson and his production team.  Our pastor Moses from Uganda has been promoting this program since 2018.  It is a potentially self-sustainable program that costs a student pastor just $30 for a year of seminary training. 



Beacon of Hope is proud of our high ministry to overhead ratio, 94 cents of every dollar raised goes directly to the mission field. Only 6 cents per dollar is spent on overhead expenses.

Alternatively Mail a check to 24851 Costeau St, Laguna Hills, CA 92653.


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