2023 Mission Trip Report

Our Victorious 2023 Mission Trip


Seventeen volunteers from California participated in our 2023 Mission Trip to South Africa, Uganda and Zambia to make a difference in Africa.

  • The purpose:
  • To assess and see firsthand, how our African ministry partners were progressing in their micro-exterprises, to make their gospel presentation ministries self sustaining.
  • To provide further training, support, recommendations, accountability standards, assess their needs, and assist in plans for their growth going forward to assure ongoing success.

A week before leaving for the trip our church recorded a video of me talking about how Beacon of Hope came into being and about the upcoming mission trip.


  • To assist with financial support for BOHI and/or any of our African Partners.
  • Get information about the upcoming 2024 Mission Trip, or decide to come with us in August,
    Please contact us through our website, www.Beaconint.org, or email us at [email protected] and we will happily get back to you promptly.

Trip Recap

South Africa:

Conducted a 4-day training conference @ Hippo Lake, Teach Every Nation Training Center, for our African Ministry Partners from S. Africa, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.


Accomplished trainings: Discipleship Programs, Bible School on Wheels (BSOW) Curriculum, starting/building and maintaining self-sustaining businesses.

Focused on team strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats @ Vision Cast event for the BOHI Smart Choices Team that operates in Johannesburg and Pretoria.


Attended 2 BSOW Graduations, where 178 students in the first and second year level of the BSOW training are being  prepared to serve in local ministries.


Toured Idudi Parent School & Orphanage where 320+ students and 96 orphaned children learn Smart Choices and school curriculum. Very impressed w/their program, so much so, BOHI developed a plan to partner w/Idudi to sponsor orphans & support the orphanage. See www.Beaconint.org for ways you can help or sponsor an orphaned child and provide life essentials like daily food, shelter, education, hope, and the love of Jesus.

Idudi Parents Primary School and Orphanage

Visited the CASP start-up Goat Farm & helped them work toward their goal to become self-sustaining by breeding goats to provide food to the village/community. Also to give goats to vulnerable families to enable them to raise their own goat herd.


A team of eight participants went to Zambia to interact with and observe the ministry activities of PLAEP, our Zambian Partners.  This team was primarily made up by seven participants from the Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church in Los Alamitos and one participant from Charity Coaches.

This team was exposed to the multiple micro-enterprise businesses that PLAEP is already engaged in, growing ground nuts (peanuts), buying grain from local farmers, milling the grain and distributing it for sale through the largest chain store in Zambia.  They also saw the Musonda school that teaches about 800 students now and witnessed the opening of a residence for at-risk girls' protection from unsavory living conditions at home. 

Additional Accomplishments:

Sponsored 51 orphaned children now receiving life essentials, education, Smart Choices, and bible study. Forty five more sponsors are needed! Will you help please? www.beaconint.org/orphan

Provided to Idudi School & Orphanage: 300 bibles. Every child in the school now has a bible of their own, each child who lives in the orphanage has their own new blankets and mosquito net.

Sponsorship of the Smart Choices Program is the core of our BOHI ministry, now in 4 countries. This program teaches the essentials of HIV/AIDS prevention, the importance of choices they make and how that impacts their life through the love of Jesus.

Started one new self-sustaining businesses in Zimbabwe, a fish farm and provided advice for expanding the production of a chicken farm for eggs and fryers.

Increased the size of the breeding herd of goats at the KAGO-BTC goat farm in Uganda, by funding the purchase of more females to expedite the growth of the herd.

Began the planning phase for a Charity Thrift Shop in South Africa.

Thank you for helping us make a difference in the lives of these precious orphaned children and our African partners so they can become self-sustaining and provide for their villages/communities.

Please visit our Idudi School webpage to help sponsor an orphaned child, give to our general ministry fund, and/or go on our next mission trip (Aug 2024).


Donate online or follow the instructions on the donation page to donate by check.

Beacon of Hope is proud of our high ministry to overhead ratio, 94 cents of every dollar raised goes directly to the mission field. Only 6 cents per dollar is spent on overhead expenses.

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