Meeting Bishop Wakula

Central Busoga Diocese Of the Anglican Church of Uganda

We had a meeting with the Lord Bishop of Central Busoga Diocese (CBD) the Rt. Rev. Patrick Wakula and his Missions / Youth Management team.  There were about ten people in the team. Everyone introduced themselves and described the role on the management team.  The Bishop only arrived at the tail end of the meeting because of other commitments. The Secretary to the Bishop seems to be the chairman of the management team and spoke very glowingly about the Smart Choices program and about pastor Moses Lyagoba, our Smart Choices team leader.  The CBD oversees 276 Christian schools within geographic confines of the diocese.  These are the schools that Moses has been targeting for the past three or four years. 



Photo-op on the stairs of the new Diocese Administration Building.


The Bishop's Inauguration Day


The Church so badly wants to have fulltime Smart Choices representation, that a year ago they offered Moses office space to set up a branch office for his NGO Canada Africa Schools Program (CASP).  Following the meeting we had a photo-op with Bishop and then the Secretary took us over to inspect the premises that they have offered to CASP.  I have since been discussing with Moses and Robert, one of his reginal local team members about establishing the regional CASP office in Iganga and how that might affect the activities and budget of CASP.  I am looking forward to sharing more details about this with the BOHI board when I get back.


This is the sum of all the educational facilities that the church has stared and helps to operate.  The Government provides funding but the church provides oversight.  One of the Members of the Bishops Management team is the Inspector of schools. There are 305 schools total, including a University, Primary Teachers Training College, two Technical institutes, Primary and Secondary Schools.


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