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Bible Study On Wheels (BSOW) was introduced us by Dean Julia Kusasira.

The Super Book and DVDs are life transforming materials.

We shared with our children, visitors, family, fellowships, spiritual leaders and churches and these are some of the specific groups we taught;

  1. Deliverance Church Iganga (U) for 3 months (May 2019 – August 2019) every Sunday teaching on 70×70 FORGIVE and WHAT ON EARTH?
  2. On 15th /6/2019 we organized a family meeting in our village SOROTI (U) where members forgave and were set free.
  3. The Pastor’s wife organized her family and testifies of improved relations.
  4. 70×70 FORGIVE was shared with Busoga House of Prayer Intercessors, and leaders with differences were reconciled.
  5. At Calvary Chapel Entebbe (U) Women’s Retreat on 23rd/01/2020, WHAT ON EARTH? was shared.

We have never remained the same and continue teaching.

God prosper BSOW.


  1. EMURIA CHARLES - +256 772586921
  2. EMURIA FLORENCE- +256 772389747


Campus: Nabidongha Country: UGANDA.


Testimony by Dean Rose Byogero

The Greatest commission  to us believers is to go and make more disciples Matthew 28:20.  Yet in reality you cant make disciples unless you are a disciple yourself.  You ought to be on the inside, what you want others to be outside?  People will want to follow your fruits.

The Bible School on Wheels programme has simplified discipleship mission by providing the TEN materials series to upcoming disciples who will in turn disciple others.

It has a complex and variety of areas of study to lead one to get a deeper understanding of the Bible.  Every Christian ought to have a working knowledge of this programme. 

Where else can one learn so much about Jesus Christ, the Early Church, the shape and form of the Christian faith in a more simplified way?  It's from the TEN programme to build a solid knowledge of God's Word.

Dean Rose Byogero

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