Betty Lyagoba Surgery


Pastor Moses and Betty Lyagoba, Entebbe, Uganda

Pastor Moses Lyagoba is President of CASP (Canada Africa Schools Project). CASP has been Beacon of Hope's Smart Choices partner in Uganda since the summer of 2011.  The program in Uganda has been thriving under Pastor Moses' leadership. 

A few weeks ago we had a desperate message from Moses saying that his beloved wife Betty was experiencing serious pain from her appendix and needed surgery.  The doctors were treating her with medication but said she really needed surgery. 

It is amazing first of all that it only costs $375 to get an appendectomy in Uganda.  What is more amazing is that they would not do surgery to avert a potentially life-threatening condition unless the patient would have the surgery fee.



Beacon of Hope didn't have any funds budgeted for this type of an expense, but decided as we often do to appeal to our supporters to see if anyone has the desire to help in a situation like this.  Our experience is that there are always some who step up and meet the need. Probably about eight to ten years ago we were able to raise enough for cataract surgery for Zodwa, our longest standing team leader. 

Because this was a potentially life-threatening situation we advanced Moses the funds to get the surgery by using funds that were targeted for next year's Smart Choices and Discipleship programs.  A few days after the surgery Betty was recovering well from the appendectomy, but developed another medical issue.  She developed a swelling on her throat which seemed to be caused by a blood vessel blockage.  The doctors again treated it with medication but advocated a simple surgery for $172 to resolve the issue immediately.

Moses expressed his thanks for this minimal financial support for Betty this way: 

[12/20, 10:26 PM] Moses Lyagoba: Thanks Glynn again for standing with us in this hard moments and God bless you.

[12/20, 10:28 PM] Moses Lyagoba: We don't know how to express our appreciations to you but God knows.

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