Smart Choices Video Training


Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

There are no training videos for Session 4 except Hope Positive Redemption Video.

The training outline for session 4 is:

  1. Spending your Life Game and Game analysis.
  2. Each of us is special, Unique and Valuable Based on Psalm 139.
  3. Taking Care of Special Things.
  4. Hope Positive - Redemption Video.

Session 5

The training for Session 5:

  1. Read the Tandiwe Story in the manual.  This is an Africanized story parallel to the story of the the Prodigal Son. 
  2. Read the Four Spiritual Laws that follows the Roman-road to redemption all of the Key Concepts  
  3. Watch the Jesus Film Video.

Session 6

The Training for Session 6 flows as follows:

  1. Introduction This starts with a summary of the five sessions so far.
  2. Works through three sections of a personal action plan.
    1. Self - Personal plan - What changes can you make in your life to avoid some of the pitfalls described in this course.
    2. Others - Family and Friends - What can you do to enlighten those closest to me about the pitfalls that life can serve up from poor life choices.
    3. Community - What can you do to warn the greater community around you to warn them about the devastating repercussions of poor life choices.
  3.  There are two optional stories that can be recited to the students if tie allows:
    1. The first is a bout young Zulu Boy Xolani (Kolani) Nkosi, who was one of the early victims in South Africa of the now dreaded HIV/AIDS pandemic.
    2. The Second, a story about Samantha Askey.  She was the youngest characters of the Better Choices video series characters who was infected at birth like Xolani.  She was able to survive until the age of 18. 
  4. Final Wrap-up

See the statistics summary sheet on page P.7 of S.5.  These questions are asked of the students and collected as statistics of how effective the program has been.

  1. _____ I Accepted Jesus into my heart for the first time.
  2. _____ I want more information, about knowing Jesus.
  3. _____ I already accepted Christ before today and want to grow spirituall

     A. ______(A)bstinence. I Pledge to remain sexually abstinent until I get married and then (B) be faithful to one partner. Thes student that make this pledge are given a bookmark with the pledge on ot and a place for the student and a witness to sign it

Certificates of achievement are handed out to each student.