Bringing the HOPE and message of salvation to the African people who are confronted daily with the hardships caused by the pandemic spread of the HIV virus. 

Teaching at-risk children how:

  • HIV is transmitted
  • To care for those who have contracted it
  • To make Smart Choices in life to avoid contracting and transmitting it themselves

Promoting Judeo-Christian values with the Smart Choices program

  • Abstinence before marriage
  • Faithfulness to one partner in marriage 


  • Established as 501(c)(3) in 2007
  • Operating in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Uganda*
  • Completed training of over 100,000 students*
  • Focused on equipping local leadership and financial accountability

*As of December 2015


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    Renewal Conference 2017

    IMG_8197-350.jpg  DSC08412-350.jpg   IMG_8182-350.jpg 

    The Beacon of Hope Mission trip in January this year was unique for us.  For the first time ever, we brought each team leader with their spouse or a second team member to Johannesburg for a 4-day seminar. This is a total of about 35 participants from three countries. Unfortunately our four person team from Uganda was not able to be with us because they were not able to get visas to come to South Africa.  The eMseni Conference Center was perfect for our purpose. It is run by the Methodist Church from the nearby town of Benoni.  The property was very tranquil and beautifully kept.

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