There are a lot of easy ways you can help us accomplish our mission ...



Garage Sales


How you can Help

  • Donate goods for our Garage Sales?
  • Volunteer to help on Garage Sale day?
  • Next Sale Fall 2017 (October)





Sign up as a Volunteer and describe how you can help.  

Your donations get sold at our next sale.

Funds go into Beacon of Hope's Education fund.


Go to 

Craigslist Online Store

We list our large garage sale items on Craigslist.

How you can Help
  • Donate your large Resell-able items
    • Appliances
    • Cars
    • Boats
    • RVs 
  • Buy from our Store


Check out our sales items and tell your friends

Go to

 Need for Electronics


Another Easy way to Help

Your discarded items are valuable in Africa

  • Smart Phones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Video Projectors 



Sign up as a Volunteer and describe the items you have.  

Your device is reset to factory default to wipe your stuff.

Items are distributed to our team members in Africa 


Text, email or Go to

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