True Love Waits Discipleship Training

This is a report on discipleship follow up sessions to two schools serviced by our "True Love Waits" team in Bulawayo Zimbabwe, led by Pastor Vu Lusinga.


 Pastor Vu uses two programs to impact schools in the Southern Matabeleland district of Zimbabwe in the Bulawayo area.



The programs are the the "Smart Choices" HIV AIDS prevention program and the "True Love Waits" program.  Both of these programs advocate abstaining from sex until marriage and then being faithful to your spouse in marriage.  The goal of the Smart Choices program is cut down on the transmission of the HIV virus and other sexually transmitted infections. The True Love Waits program focuses building the foundation for a stronger marriage in later life by not being promiscuous as adolescents.

Both programs are built on biblical principals and advocate abstinence because it is the right way to live.


Pastor Vu has taught Smart Choices at two Schools in Term 2 of the 2017 school year.

  1. Usher Girls High school in Plumtree.  The last class here was in June, 2017. This entire school has been trained in the Smart Choices program.
  2. Agape College in Bulawayo last class hapend at the end of July, 2017. 

Pastor Vu has committed this year to focus on Smart Choices for the first two school terms and to focus on follow up and discipleship programs in the last term.  He is using the True Love Waits program for the follow up material



See Pastor Vu's comments about the follow up sessions he has been doing this week at these two schools.

Just on my way to Bulawayo from Usher girls high. We were doing a follow up with the lower and upper six classes.

It was just an awesome event with these girls.  We are back tomorrow for o'levels. About the same number of students again.

My daughter is among those girls.  Please pray that she will keep this teaching to live by.

This is the second day of our follow up, and today we are working with o'levels. It's  full house. Have just arrived from Usher and very  tired. We have been presenting since Monday without  stopping.

Great job Pastor Vu. Keep up he good work.

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