Jinja Baptist Seminary

Jinja Baptist Seminary Visit – June 10, 2018

Our friends and Ministry collaborators Mike and Cindy are coming to Africa for four to five months.  Mike's first assignment is going to be teaching at the Jinja Baptist Seminary for a few months.  On June 10 I visited the Seminary and spoke to Principal Anthony S and another volunteer Professor, Jim C.  It was a very picturesque, secure, and well-kept property.  There are three on property apartments for visiting professors. There are two duplexes for accommodation for four local professor’s families. They can accommodate about 100-120 students in rooms with double bunk beds with eight people in a room.  Enjoy the pictures below.

DSC_0131-600.jpg   DSC_0132-600.jpg

Office Space

DSC_0133-600.jpg   DSC_0134-600.jpg

Property Gardens

DSC_0140-600.jpg  DSC_0141-600.jpg

DSC_0136-600.jpg  DSC_0137-600.jpg

Student Kitchen and Accommodation

DSC_0138-600.jpg  DSC_0135-600.jpg

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