2018 Johannesburg Wellness Testing Project


BOHI Board Challenge

As BOHI's governing board we have been continually encouraging our team leaders to come up with innovative ways of generating their own sources of income to supplement what they are receiving from BOHI. Welcome Ndlovu, our Johannesburg team leader, is one of our most innovative, efficient,  and successful leaders. Welcome and some colleagues have been involved in part-time work doing wellness testing to supplement their income. All of our team members are volunteers and all funds that they receive from us go strictly towards the expenses of running the program and that does not include salaries.

Johannesburg Team Response

Welcome and two of his colleagues have been offered a year-long contract as subcontracting agents to do wellness testing for two major corporations. To enable Welcome to participate in this subcontract he needs to raise $2000 to purchase some testing equipment and the testing kits for the first month of operation. We are so excited about this funding opportunity that we want to use it as the lead off to our 2018 year-end fundraising campaign.

If you would like to read more about how this $2000 will be used to get the testing contract going and then be recycled into subsidizing his 2019 Smart Choices and Discipleship program please click the Donate button.

Donate to the Wellness Testing Project
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